Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After a 3 hr yoga session today, i feel i have the energy to start blogging! I had an amazing time over the last weekend  June 25, 26th, filming, hosting and interviewing local celebs and filmmakers alike. I was at VISAFF Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival. I ran into some friends Balinder Johal , Dalj Brar, BK Singh among many others.
Visaff was founded by local actors Agam Darshi and Patricia Isaac, to help "bridge the gap" between South Asian talent and mainstream audiences alongwith breaking stereotypes and expanding views on the South Asian community. Kudos to you ladies for putting on a brilliant event and everyone else who put in their time and effort help make Visaff come to life.

Check out for information on the films that were shown as well as photos from the event.

Day 1 : hair by Dylan Raine makeup Byron Chan outfit: Well Groomed Accessories: Isabella Diamond

Day 2: hair and makeup: Ranjit Heer outfit: Well Groomed Accessories: Isabella Diamond